Residential Glass FAQs
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04 May, 2024

Residential Glass FAQs

At Glass Inc., we know that choosing the right glass solutions for your home can come with many questions. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to help homeowners in Atlanta make informed decisions about their residential glass needs. Whether you’re considering new installations, replacements, or upgrades, find answers to your questions here.

Common Questions About Residential Glass

What Types of Residential Glass Do You Offer?

We offer a wide range of residential glass types, including:

  • Energy-Efficient Glass: Ideal for reducing your heating and cooling costs.
  • Tempered Safety Glass: Best for areas needing extra safety due to its break-resistant qualities.
  • Laminated Glass: Great for sound reduction and UV protection.
  • Decorative Glass: Used for adding aesthetic value to your home with various patterns and textures.

How Often Should Residential Glass Be Replaced?

The lifespan of residential glass depends on several factors, including the type of glass, environmental conditions, and maintenance. Generally, windows should be inspected every 15-20 years for potential replacement. However, if you notice any signs of wear like cracks, seal failure, or fogging between panes, it might be time to consider a replacement sooner.

What Are the Signs That My Glass Needs Replacing?

Look out for these signs:

  • Condensation Inside Double-Paned Windows: This indicates a seal failure, allowing moisture between the glass.
  • Visible Damage: Any cracks or chips can compromise the integrity of the glass.
  • Drafts Near Windows: Feeling air coming through even when windows are closed suggests frame issues or sealant failures.

Can You Customize Glass for Specific Home Designs?

Absolutely! Customization is one of our specialties. We can tailor glass to fit any size, shape, or design requirement, including custom cuts for unique window shapes, stained glass for decorative purposes, and specific glazing options to meet your energy efficiency or privacy needs.

What Is the Best Glass for Energy Efficiency?

Low-E (low-emissivity) glass is typically the best choice for energy efficiency. It has a coating that reflects heat back into your home during the winter and keeps out the solar heat during the summer. This type of glass is perfect for Atlanta’s varied climate, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor environment while lowering energy costs.

How Do I Maintain My Glass to Ensure It Lasts?

Maintaining your glass involves regular cleaning and inspection:

  • Cleaning: Use a mixture of mild soap and water or a non-abrasive glass cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage glass surfaces.
  • Inspection: Regularly check for any signs of damage or wear, such as cracks, chips, or faulty seals, and address these issues promptly to prevent further damage.

What Safety Features Are Available for Residential Glass?

We provide several safety features, including:

  • Tempered Glass: Shatters into small, rounded pieces instead of sharp shards, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Laminated Glass: Holds together when shattered, providing an additional barrier against break-ins and extreme weather conditions.
  • Security Film: Can be added to existing glass to make it more break-resistant.

More Information and Services

For those looking to dive deeper into specific topics or need expert consultation:

Visit our main page on Residential Glass in Atlanta, GA for a comprehensive look at our glass services and solutions.

Glass Inc. is dedicated to providing Atlanta homeowners with the knowledge and resources needed to optimize their residential glass installations. For personalized advice or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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